Welcome to Crazy Sensei

Crazy Sensei offers AI-based tools to learn to play the game of go, and to improve your skill.

Right now, Crazy Sensei is still under development, and in a very experimental state. If you wish to test this experimental server, you can register. We will distribute free credits to early members, in order to test our system.

If you wish to analyze games on your own device, you can also get a copy of Crazy Stone:


More free credits for everyone!

Dear Crazy-Sensei users,

We are glad to announce that everybody got 100 free credits. You can now upload a sgf file for analysis directly from the main menu ("Upload a game"). We hope this will encourage you to try the analysis feature more.

In addition, in case you did not notice already, a free "lite" version of Crazy Stone has been available for smartphones:

We wish you good games, and hope you'll enjoy our software.

Crazy News

This is the first issue of the Crazy Sensei Newsletter!

Crazy Sensei was recently updated with a new version. All registered users received one free credit. We hope you'll test and enjoy the new features. The main changes are:

  • The analysis display will be automatically arranged to fit the screen of your device, whether in landscape or portrait mode.
  • You can now drag the cursor in the plot with the mouse.

In the future, we will distribute free credit more frequently. Maybe once a week. Our plan is to grow our number of users by offering the service for free for a while. We will limit the number of free credits so that no more than one analysis server is required. If the demand exceeds the capacity of one single server, then we will consider selling more credits to grow the service further.

We hope you'll enjoy Crazy Sensei.